9/28/16: We're very sad to announce that Chalk has played their last show at Diabolical Records. They have been a terrific fixture of the SLC music scene for the last few years and will be missed. Their merchandise is still available at their Bandcamp page.

7/17/15: Chalk's album Lil Shredder is out now! Buy it here

4/9/13: Check out this sweet review from SLUG Mag!

Here's an excerpt: "PTO’s indie coming-of-age style certainly isn’t a new animal by any means, but the amazing feat lies solely in how they adeptly used it to compose a solid and almost flawless underdog album for today’s youth."


9/13/12: PTO's debut album Pointless is out now and available for download here!


Listen to some good tunes while contemplating the relative, arbitrary nature of "news":


JP Haynie


Details of Speech

Straight Up!